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Feel happy, feel healthy


Start the day with a healthy breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

A well balanced breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel, starts the metabolism to start the day with energy and good mood. It is advised that breakfast should be eaten within 2 after waking up and it should contain about 1/4 till 1/3 of your daily calories.

Do not skip your daily breakfast, because if you do so, you are more likely to grab for high sugar and fatty snacks in the late morning and to be overweight.
Research has shown that eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration levels, it can improve your mood and lower stress levels.


Your healthy every day oatmeal

Good Start white oats fit in a healthy lifestyle

An oatmeal is very healthy and nutritious.
Good Start oats are 100% natural and contain many natural vitamins, minerals and fibres.



Control your weight with Good Start oats

The soluble fiber in oatmeal absorbs a considerable amount of water which significantly slows down your digestive process.

The result is that you will feel full longer, which can help you to control your weight.



All goodness for you

Good Start oats & cholesterol

Oat flakes are high in fiber.
Soludable fiber (known as beta-glucan) in high-fiber foods reduces the "bad" (LDL) cholesterol levels without lowering the good cholesterol. The high fiber content helps to remove cholesterol from the digestive system that would otherwise end up in the bloodstream.
Lowering high cholesterol levels can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


The natural powerfood
The 100% natural oatflakes are a real super food. An oatmeal contains many nutrients and good ingredients; all goodness for you!

Good Start oast are a source of fiber, B-vitamins, p
hosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc.

A daily oatmeal can help:

  • control your weight

  • reduce the level of bad cholesterol

  • stabilize blood sugar

Oats are mostly well-tolerated by adults with Celiac Disease.

Good Start oats & blood sugar

The beta-glucan oat fiber has beneficial effects in diabetes; it stablizes blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes.

Starting the day with blood sugar stabilizing food, such as oats, may make it easier to keep blood sugar levels under control during the rest of the day.

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